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Everyone has a dream. It's that gnawing urge you have to strive just a little more, try just a little harder and go just a little farther to reach your own personal goal.
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You CAN do it!
Reaching a goal is much like climbing stairs. If you look at the individual stair steps instead of the entire distance you have to go, it's much easier to attain.
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Believe in yourself
The most satisfying results come from achieving challenging goes that you set for yourself. Reach inside, discover your passion and make it happen!
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Aim for success!
Even when you stumble when doing something, you've succeeded. You've discovered an area you need to work harder on and that's going to result in a victory next time!
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Goals are the stepping stones that get you to where you want to go. Let us help you create goals that are realistic, measurable and challenging!
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Success is not about beating out others, it's about working with others to achieve common goals and make common progress. Work as a team to achieve more!
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Everyone's needs are different. Maybe you need extra tutoring, motivation from a counselor or even more activities to connect your learning to real life.
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GEAR UP is about the masses, not the lucky few.

GEAR UP is designed to help students succeed in school, graduate from high school, and be prepared to successfully attend college.

All current 9th grade and 10th grade students at El Camino and Oceanside High Schools are part of the GEAR UP Program. If your child is a current 9th or 10th grader at ECHS or OHS, he or she is automatically enrolled in the GEAR UP Program at no cost, and will benefit from all that the GEAR UP Grant has to offer.

GEAR UP is a seven year grant awarded to MiraCosta College to work with Oceanside Unified School District to serve the students in the classes of 2017 and 2018 who started the program at Chavez Middle School and Jefferson Middle School. The GEAR UP Grant will follow these students to El Camino High School and Oceanside High School and will continue to serve all students in these two high schools who are part of the class of 2017 and 2018.

GEAR UP Goals:

1. Increase academic performance and preparation for post secondary education.
2. Increase high school graduation rates and participation in postsecondary education.
3. Increase GEAR UP students’ and families’ knowledge of post secondary education options, preparation and financing.



The joint meeting held this week is expected to be the first of many more to come as the two boards committed to working together on an ongoing basis to better prepare OUSD students for college and to ease the transition as they graduate and move onto MiraCosta College or other higher education institutions

GEAR UP is helping to create stronger bonds between MiraCosta College and Oceanside Unified School District. On September 24, 2013, the MCC Board of Trustees and the OUSD Board of Education held a joint board meeting at the OUSD District Office to discuss the steps being taken together to increase the long term academic success and college readiness of OUSD students.

Photo Credit: Steve Lombard
Pictured: Superintendent Larry Perondi, OUSD Board President Janet Bledsoe Lacy, MCC Board President David Broad, and MCC President Francisco Rodriguez.



GEAR UP is now entering year four of a seven year grant, serving nearly 2000 students who are currently in 9th and 10th grades at El Camino and Oceanside High Schools. Julie Johnson, Director of GEAR UP, and her team presented the highlights, benchmarks, and accomplishments of year two of the grant. Several GEAR UP students and parents presented testimonials about the impact of the GEAR UP programs and the importance of the opportunities to explore careers and colleges as they prepare for their futures.

Photo Credit: Steve Lombard
Pictured: Julie Johnson, Director of GEAR UP, addressing the joint board.