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GEAR UP takes a trip to the Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center

Photo by Samantha Taylor

When young people think of jobs in the medical field, the primary two that first come to mind are doctors and nurses. Though plenty of students end up pursuing those fields, others may steer clear of health care because they don’t know what other opportunities exist in that field.

A partnership between MiraCosta College, Tri-City Medical Center and Oceanside Unified School District is trying to change that by enlightening students about what jobs exist out there in the medical business through discussions with professionals in the classroom, immersive experiences, and tours of medical facilities in the region.

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Overnight trip to Soka, Chapman, and UCR

What an exciting time Jefferson and King Middle School students had, attending an overnight visit to Soka, Chapman, and UCR!  They had a chance to attend a college volleyball game and even got invited onto the court so the UCR players could meet them.  Lincoln and Chavez Middle School students are going to be heading up there next!

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